What are the main signs of aging

What are the main signs of aging

From a medical-scientific point of view, aging is a degeneration process involving cells, tissues and organs. After the age group between 20 and 30 years, a state of slow but progressive decay begins which weakens the organism and slows down the physiological functions.

Put in these terms, old age would look like a sword of Damocles on our neck.

But that’s not the case. It is part of the life cycle and we can intervene directly and responsibly so that it evolves in the best possible way.

As we age, our entire organism undergoes irreversible damage , which leads the cells to stop reproducing, the tissues to atrophy and the organs to decrease in functionality and efficiency.

As the years pass, increases the number of free radicals produced during the oxidation process. The latter is actually a natural process but in the presence of oxidative stress the signs of aging can occur early.

As I repeat, however, it is not only “getting old” in the sense of living long that counts, but it is possible to delay the signs of aging , to live a peaceful third age.

What are the first signs of aging?

As we get older, we are able to monitor the process through specific biological markers, which inevitably change.

Differences between men and women

In men, the lower production of testosterone leads to inevitable consequences in the sexual sphere and in the relationship between lean mass and fat mass. Subcutaneous fat can change the inclination of the eyes, due to the effect of the skin which atrophies and tends to yield under the pressure of gravity (being less elastic). The body loses tone especially in the absence of physical activity. Fat accumulates on the abdomen and changes posture as well.

The woman ages faster than humans. This happens because his body is more complex than the male one, having to be able to procreate. The fertile period is limited in time (while humans can theoretically become a father at any age); with the arrival of menopause, the woman tends to gain weight and the bone structure weakens due to osteoporosis).

As for the face , on the other hand, it tends to fill up, to become more fleshy even under the eyes. The distance between nose and mouth increases. The areas of the neck and hands are the ones that first reveal the true age of a woman, even if she does not witness the typical male hair loss (androgenetic alopecia).

On average, women live on average 5% longer than men. From a scientific point of view this happens because the telomeres (the final part of the chromosomes) are longer and are better preserved over time, thanks to the protective action of estrogen. It is in fact the progressive deterioration of telomeres that leads to damage to the cell (which no longer has defenses for its DNA) and therefore to aging.

Obviously, both the aesthetic changes and in one’s health status do not depend only on the passage of time but are very influenced by external factors and wrong habits .

Premature aging

Apart from some cases of premature aging due to specific conditions (Progeria, Hutchinson Gilfor Syndrome, Werner Syndrome), it may happen that the symptoms present themselves before the expected time. Environmental factors, behaviors, bad habits can contribute to accelerating the process.

For example, among the most common causes of skin aging, there are:

  • The habit of smoking or drinking
  • Poor diet unbalanced towards refined sugars and fats
  • Drug abuse
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Excessive stress
  • Poor sleep quality
  • The continuous fluctuations of weight
  • Poor hydration

At the environmental level there are factors such as:

  • Air pollution and the presence of fine dust
  • Water pollution
  • Exposure to irritating or poisonous materials / substances
  • Excessive exposure to UV rays or ionizing radiation
  • A strenuous or excessively sedentary job

There are also chronic diseases or conditions that can accelerate the aging processes (they can be prevented or better managed with a moderate lifestyle):

  • Diabetes
  • Cataracts
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Osteoporosis

Aging is natural and old age can be an opportunity to discover new passions. You don’t have to live in fear of doing it, you can – we all can – instead live a longer and healthier life, pushing away the moment when these signals arrive. A correct lifestyle can have an important impact on having a healthier, younger skin, a more toned and resistant body, a brighter and more reactive mind.

You can go through the normal stages of aging with a lighter daily routine, even mentally, but energetic, full of satisfaction. Download the manual of an ideal day for free .

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