A plate of healthy food

A plate of healthy food

All the recommendations for good nutrition are in one picture. Zozhik recommends attaching these dietary rules to your fridge so that they are always in front of your eyes and deeply remembered not only by you but also by the people you care about.

How to eat well

The answer to this question is based on available scientific evidence and is regularly published and popularised by “health ministries” all over the world. The recommendations are based on the same science and are therefore almost identical. These nutritional recommendations used to be ‘packaged’ in the form of pyramids.

This is, for instance, what the Belgian “pyramid” of good nutrition looks like:

Similarly in Switzerland:

It’s like this in Africa:

And this in China:

Common to all the recommendations:

  • Lots of vegetables, greens, a little less fruit,
  • Eat lots of complex carbohydrates,
  • Eat healthy protein,
  • Limit: simple sugars / sweets, processed meats, saturated fats, fatty foods.

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