Lose weight in a healthy, natural and effective way

Lose weight in a healthy, natural and effective way

Losing weight by making smart choices is possible, but you can’t hope to do it quickly. Crash diets can achieve results in the short term, but they are not sustainable for years.

So the work must be done at levels of eating habits and behaviors, day after day, adopting a healthy point of view not based on renunciation, but on conquest.

Achievement of enhanced health , which is good not only for the body, but also for the mind.

Here is a list of DIY remedies you can take straight away to lose pounds of fat over time and regain your weight.

Eliminate refined sugars

As part of a balanced diet, refined sugars (the simple sugar you put in your coffee every morning) should be drastically eliminated. The scientific literature on the damage of sugar is exhaustive.

It doesn’t bring energy despite its caloric intake. Keep in mind that sugar, even in different forms (for example syrups and molasses), is present in most prepackaged foods and in those rich in preservatives, in order to increase the flavor.

Always eat fresh foods with natural sugars (fruit and vegetables).

Balances proteins and whole grains

Carbohydrates are essential for the supply of energy and for carrying out some specific organic functions, but it is better to consume them whole, that is, not separated from the fibers.

Pasta, bread and breakfast cereals should still be balanced with an increased intake of proteins (from white meats, fish, legumes and eggs): they satiate longer and are less caloric overall.

Do not drink fruit juices and carbonated drinks

Being liquid substances they would seem not to bring calories, instead they are rich in sugars and represent a considerable caloric intake. It can happen, without you noticing it, to consume 500 calories in the form of fruit juice.

It is the equivalent of a good complete and balanced dish, yet – introducing them through this kind of drink – the stimulus of hunger remains and there is no concrete supply of energy.

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Eat more fiber

The fibers contained in whole grains or fruit contribute to a greater sense of satiety, counteract the absorption of simple sugars and work – in the long term – to slim the waistline.

Eliminate processed foods and junk food

Often the two terms coincide, but industrial foods includes everything. Keep in mind that these are foods for which cooking techniques that are not really healthy are used, such as frying; to be palatable, even to the eye, on supermarket counters, they are enriched with preservatives, additives and dyes.

Restrict sausages as much as possible and eliminate junk food, allowing yourself very few exceptions to the rule.

Eliminate snacks and snacks

Often this food category is eaten between meals to break hunger. The effect that is triggered, on the other hand, is a glycemic spike that does nothing but require additional sugars to calm the hole in the stomach. Better a fruit or seeds (walnuts, almonds).

Eliminate alcohol

Alcohol has harmful effects on the body. It dehydrates the skin and tissues, disturbs sleep, brings bad mood, reduces concentration, softens reflexes and in the medium-long term it hurts the liver and brain. Also, most importantly in the short term, it has a considerable caloric amount that causes subcutaneous and visceral fat to grow. The secret is to start not drinking it at home, limit consumption outside.

Limit saturated fat

Saturated fats have negative health effects. Starting from an increase in cholesterol levels, they cause an increase in cardio-vascular risks. For a healthy and proper diet, however, extra virgin olive oil, one of the finest monounsaturated fatty acids, is recommended.

Don’t eat fried food

Frying with extra virgin olive oil is better, but in any case it is a cooking method that favors the use of fats and weighs down the liver, not really suitable for those suffering from high cholesterol.

Eat slowly

Eating more slowly could be linked to a lower risk of obesity. Japanese research published in the British Medical Journal demonstrates how the habit of chewing food slowly helps you lose weight and increases your chances of not falling into obesity.

Drinking tea or coffee

Moderate doses of these two drinks help speed up the metabolism and therefore burn more calories. They are tasty and appreciated for their antioxidant properties. However, we must not overdo the consumption and should not be accompanied by sugar.

Prefer lean meats and fish

Better beef, chicken and fish. Limit the consumption of red meats in general in favor of white ones (preferring chicken and turkey to pork, notoriously more fat). Balance for protein intake with fish meat. All cooked in a healthy way (see focus on cooking methods).

Sleep better and longer

Taken by the hustle and bustle of modern life, many people pride themselves on sleeping 4-5 hours a night, so as not to waste time (except in some cases to recover two hours of sleep in the afternoon!). On average, each of us needs 7-8 hours of good rest, to regenerate mind and body and provide the body with the right recovery time from fatigue and stress. Less effort = less energy demand the following day.

Don’t shop before eating

It’s the brain that sets our behaviors and regulates our emotional impulses. Going to the supermarket hungry means instinctively buying snacks and junk food which in that circumstance of satisfaction of the stimulus of hunger are undoubtedly more palatable than broccoli and cereals.

Use smaller plates and limit portions

Everything you need for a full meal fits in the palm of your hand, especially when it comes to carbohydrates. Then add twice as much protein and the rest of the vegetables.

Everything can fit in one dish. If you prefer a first course, choose a smaller than normal dish, which will still seem full even with a small amount of food. From a psychological point of view it helps a lot.

Count calories

It might seem like a diet fanatic practice, but starting to mark the calories of what you eat in the morning opens your eyes to how easy it is to overeat without even realizing it. Use an app or a diary to keep track of real consumption. Cut out all the unnecessary.

Monitor your weight constantly

If you have a scale, it calculates and records your weight constantly, right out of the shower. Monitoring your weight over time is important as it allows you to keep an eye on an easily understandable measurement, but also serves as a stimulus to obtain further results.

Don’t become a slave to it anyway, remember that weight varies depending on the time of day and is influenced by the presence of liquids and environmental factors.

Try intermittent fasting

I have always been against prolonged fasting and arbitrary and uncontrolled abstention from food. You can experiment with the intermittent fasting formula for a short time; however, the ideal would be to implement a more regular calorie restriction.

Do aerobic (cardio) activity

When the goal is to lose weight, ‘Aerobic activity is essential to increase the calorie deficit. You choose the one that suits you best, but try to be consistent.

Do stress and resistance activities with weights

Use weights means strengthening the musculoskeletal system and thus improve posture, strength and elasticity. Your metabolism improves immediately, allowing you to burn more fat without losing lean mass.

In general, remember not to crash diets. They are based on a correct concept (caloric deficit) applied poorly and often without the advice of the doctor or the support of a specialized nutritionist.

Diets do it yourself when they are not harmful, they are unproductive, create huge expectations and do not work for the long term. By eating little you can trigger the storage of fat under the skin, obtaining the exact opposite of the much desired aesthetic result.

It is not easy to be in the ideal weight and calorie reduction is never a linear process.

On the contrary, adopting a balanced nutrition regime , which exploits your strengths and intervenes on your weaknesses (often caused by bad habits) you can strengthen your health, reaching weight over time ideal shape.

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