Eating healthy protects against disease

Eating healthy protects against disease

In all these years, both through my free channels (YouTube, other social media and this blog), and above all in the lessons of my paid video courses and in the books I have written, I approached the issue of proper nutrition from a holistic point of view.

I’m never interested in telling you that you need to eat right because it will make you feel better. I have always thought that nutrition (ie the science applied to food) is a fundamental pillar of your life.

If you eat well but never train, sleep poorly, are stressed, have unsatisfactory relationships, you will still get bad results.

And I’m speaking from the point of view of health. An aspect that I have emphasized on other occasions is how much correct nutrition – applied as one of the four foundations of a healthy and understood life, that is, a #vitastraordinaria – can affect on a preventive level.

Eating well does not only mean feeling good NOW, but also and above all feeling good TOMORROW.

There are countless studies that confirm the preventive role of a healthy diet, against the onset of diseases with the highest mortality, such as cardiovascular and cancer (source) .

But I also emphasized the need to protect the body from micro-deficiencies of essential nutrients for the efficiency of the immune system. Incorrect, inattentive nutrition, which uses incorrect conservation and cooking methods, tends to deprive us of the essential nutrients to preserve the health of our body.

A further confirmation comes from a recommendation of important Swiss scholars belonging to the universities of Lausanne, Zurich, Groningen, ETH and the Swiss Association for Food, in relation to the vulnerability of our body in the face of concrete and real threats such as those of coronavirus.

In an article published in recent days, Professor Mette Berger, from the University of Lausanne, warned of these micro-deficiencies and their negative effects on health:

In the Swiss population we found a deficit of nutrients necessary for the optimal functioning of the immune system … vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and zinc. Lack of important micronutrients weakens the immune system and can impact the risk, severity and duration of coronavirus disease “.

So, in line with what I have been saying for years, a basic, daily, continuous food supplement based on prevention and not on mega-doses, can be useful to prevent the weakening of the immune system .

In this regard I recommend two articles on the subject:
1. The principles of proper nutrition
2. Strengthen the immune system

The professor goes further: the Swiss government should take the situation head on and combine food supplementation with essential measures to contain the virus, such as washing hands, wearing mask, keep your distance. At least for those groups of the population who, for one reason or another, are unable to ensure the daily requirement of essential nutrients.

This is important to you:

  • you have to vary your diet by never missing vegetables at the table. Not just as a side dish, but as a real meal.
  • uses the single dish scheme: a system where you ensure all essential macronutrients in one dish.
  • eat fruit. An apple a day is really good.
  • avoid foods that cause stress or that don’t make you sleep well or that are heavy to digest. No fried foods, no trans fats, no simple sugars, no carbonated drinks.
  • Limit baked desserts.
  • No junk food, no industrially packaged food.
  • Limit cured meats and cheeses.
  • Keep training, do it at home if you can’t go out or go to the gym, you can use makeshift tools, but also small dumbbells and rubber bands – very useful for keeping in shape. Use the bike if you want. Even the bedroom one.
  • take long walks if you can.
  • observe coronavirus prescriptions.
  • do not drink alcohol, limit its consumption; if you smoke it’s the right time to try quitting.
  • think about supplementing your diet if you believe that for one reason or another you cannot cover possible deficiencies, which in the long term can harm you.

Ultimately …

Eating healthy and correct has not only immediate benefits, which can be summed up in “feeling better” (more active, energetic, strong-willed, lucid, fit, lean, rested, happy, satisfied, in a stable mood) to face the typical day … indeed, many studies have confirmed that the advantages of a balanced nutrition (potentiating nutrition I call it, in one of my most successful video courses) extend above all in the medium to long term, thanks to maintaining the efficiency of the immune system.

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